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  • Environmental Evaluation Modeling System (EEMS)
    The Environmental Evaluation Modeling System (EEMS) is a tree-based, fuzzy logic modeling system. With EEMS, data from different sources and different numerical domains can be combined to answer questions in areas such as current and future potential habitat value, ecological/development conflict, and landscape vulnerability to climate change. To use EEMS, a user builds a tree-based logic model in which ...
  • MC1 Dynamic Vegetation Model
    MC1 is a  widely used dynamic global vegetation model (DGVM) that has been used to simulate potential vegetation shifts in California and Alaska, all of North America, and over the entire globe under various climate change scenarios. MC1 was originally designed by a team of OSU scientist  (Jim Lenihan, Chris Daly, and Dominique Bachelet) in collaboration with the CENTURY group ...
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