Data Basin: Did You Know?
March 29, 2021 -- Did you know Data Basin requires zero GIS experience?


Gwynne Corrigan, M.S.
Director of Communications

Data Basin was founded on the principles of access and transparency, such that anyone - regardless of whether they’re trained in GIS or not can use the platform to make informed decisions related to spatially-explicit data.

Data Basin enables people from anywhere in the world - with or without GIS expertise - to access, explore, share, analyze, and act on geospatial data to address a wide range of conservation planning, natural resource management, and sustainability issues at any scale.

Since launching in 2010, the Data Basin community and data archives are ever-expanding from zero to:

➔ 37,000+ Members

➔ 15,000+ Maps

➔ 1,000+ Public and Private Groups

➔ 32,000+ Datasets (1/3 are private)

➔ 1,000+ Galleries

➔ 150+ Guides and Case Studies

These numbers keep growing, but Data Basin has never been about numbers; Data Basin is ultimately about people and the belief that all people - regardless of scientific or technical background - should be able to access, collaborate around, and utilize scientifically-grounded spatial data for transparent decision-making.

“I’ve been in state government for about 30 years. This is a tool unlike one anyone has ever seen before. Having watched the state put so much money into rigid platforms, this platform was most promising. I facilitate conversations. This is the kind of tool that we need.”

Anne Baker, CA Deputy Controller for Environmental Policy

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