Gwynne Corrigan, M.S.

Director of Communications, Project Manager, Team Lead- Communication & Engagement

Gwynne lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and has for the past 16 years. Her life-long interest in ecology and biology brought her to the University of California at Santa Cruz for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. As an undergraduate, Gwynne worked on projects including studies related to the sensory systems and physiology of marine mammals (Northern elephant seals, harbor seals, and California sea lions). Later in her undergraduate career, she worked with Dr. Barry Sinervo, using microsatellite DNA paternity analysis to study the behavioral ecology of side-blotched lizards. Gwynne went on to do her Master’s thesis, which assessed population genetic structure and phylogenetic relationships of populations of the endangered blunt-nosed leopard lizard – endemic to California’s San Joaquin Valley. Gwynne’s goal was to use population genetic analyses to contribute knowledge towards more effective management plans for endangered species.

Gwynne joined the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) in July of 2010 and works remotely in California. She has worked on quite a variety of projects involving outreach, communication (using social media), research, and editing. Some of the projects Gwynne has contributed to include Data Basin, the Southern Sierra Partnership, and the Bureau of Land Management’s Rapid Ecological Assessment (Colorado Plateau and the Sonoran Desert Regions). She also manages much of the social media piece of communications for CBI.  When not working, Gwynne loves hanging out with her two kids and enjoys running and taking classes in pilates, yoga, and dance.


Early warning system for ecosystems
CBI is developing biodiversity early warning systems at different spatial scales as a collaboration between agencies, universities, nonprofits, tribal authorities and citizen science groups.
CA Regional Conservation Assessment
Supported by the California Wildlife Conservation Board, CBI will work closely with the Strategic Growth Council, UC Davis, and other agency staff to conduct a Regional Conservation Assessment (RCA) for two pilot areas – Mojave Desert and Modoc Plateau.
MC Terrestrial Measures
CBI and USFS FIA developed an online data visualization tool for measures on the status of managed conservation areas in Micronesia.

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Conversations with CBI Staff
Below is a listing of blog posts that involve a series of conversations between staff at the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) and various members of CBI’s Communications Team: A Conversation with Dr. Barry Baker A Conversation with Daniel Harvey A Conversation with Gwynne Nell Corrigan A Conversation with Jessie Vinje A Conversation with Tim Sheehan

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