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  • 2016 San Diego County Rare Plant Monitoring Report
    In 2016, the San Diego Association of Governments issued a task order to AECOM Technical Services, Inc. (AECOM) to implement the San Diego Management and Monitoring Program (SDMMP) project, Management Strategic Plan (MSP) 2016 Monitoring Protocol for Rare Plant Occurrences on Conserved Lands in Western San Diego County. The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) teamed with AECOM (CBI/AECOM team) to ...
  • A Framework for Effective Conservation Management of the Sonoran Desert in California
    The Sonoran Desert of southern California has long been a region of under-appreciated natural significance. For most, the term “desert” evokes images of a bleak and lifeless wasteland—a place of unforgiving heat, sun, sand, and rocks. Throughout history, the Southwest’s deserts have been avoided or they presented a challenging obstacle on the way to a greener place. In the 19th ...
  • A GIS-Based Model for Assessing Conservation Focal Areas for the Redwood Ecoregion
    The purpose of this project was to create a GIS-based model that identifies specific focal areas throughout the range of the redwoods. Focal areas were defined as zones that offer the best conservation opportunities for long-term protection and maintenance of the redwood ecosystem based on current conditions. GIS was utilized because of its spatially explicit architecture and advanced analytical ...
  • A Methodological Framework for Protected Areas Planning in Support of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement
    The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) signatories have completed Iteration #1 of their Protected Areas Planning Methodological Framework (the "Protected Areas MF"). The Protected Areas MF is a guiding document for the CBFA regional working groups and supporting planning practitioners. This framework was designed to support consistent protected areas planning across the CBFA study area. The CBFA signatories are committed ...
  • An Asssessment of the Known and Potential Impacts of Feral Pigs (Sus scrofa) in and near San Diego County with Management Recommendations
    This report assesses potential impacts of feral pig populations in southern California (San Diego, Riverside, Imperial, and Orange counties) and Baja California, with an emphasis on San Diego County. We compiled information on the status of pigs in these areas from the literature and interviews with numerous individuals knowledgeable about feral pig populations, including a population recently introduced into San ...
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