The IABIN DIAG is a gateway within Data Basin that is intended to show the information about ecosystems, invasive species, pollinators, protected areas, and species

The IABIN Data Integration and Analysis Gateway (DIAG) is a gateway within Data Basin that provides a custom view of content in the system for IABIN users.  This gateway is intended to showcase the information produced by the 5 IABIN thematic networks: ecosystems, invasive species, pollinators, protected areas, and species & specimens.

IABIN was created in 1996 as an initiative of the Santa Cruz Summit of the Americas meeting of Heads of State. Steadily gaining momentum, there are now 34 countries in the Americas that have officially been named IABIN focal points.  Although endorsed by governments, NGOs, universities, museums, and the private sector all belong to and play important roles in IABIN.

IABIN will provide the networking information infrastructure (such as standards and protocols) and biodiversity information content required by the countries of the Americas to improve decision-making, particularly for issues at the interface of human development and biodiversity conservation. It is developing an Internet-based platform to give access to scientifically credible biodiversity information currently scattered throughout the world in different institutions, such as government organizations, museums, botanical gardens, universities, and NGOs.

The IABIN Secretariat is dedicated to the implementation of IABIN will support a technical standards development process, coordinate catalogues and directories (either centralized or distributed), manage communications including electronic mailing, lists and Web sites, coordinate efforts with other networks, support training for member countries and organizations, and support the efforts of IABIN nodes.

All content developed by IABIN is open and available for public use.

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