Practical, science-based mapping and analysis tools needed to support the LCC mission

Conservation Planning Atlases (CPAs) are the places to find practical, science-based mapping and analysis tools needed to support the Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) mission. The CPAs provides a platform for LCCs to create galleries to showcase a cohesive collection of spatial information and supporting documentation. Data can be searched, viewed, and used in analyses. Additionally, a user can upload his or her data to their account to be used in conjunction with these datasets. Within a group, a user can perform analyses, upload data, and share information for other group members to use. The CPA enables both GIS experts and casual GIS users to view, retrieve, and perform analyses on spatial information with specific conservation goals in mind.

Phase 1 of the project started with three Landscape Conservation Cooperative’s (LCC) in the Southeast US to develop an integrated set of Conservation Planning Atlases (CPA), powered by Data Basin. In September of 2013, Phase 2 began. CBI was funded by the Department of the Interior (DOI) to work with an additional 13 LCCs to assist in the strategic development and expansion of scientific information, analysis and support tools to benefit the LCC network and facilitate landscape conservation design. CBI was one of four organizations chosen by the DOI from 46 qualifying proposals. CBI then partnered with 13 LCCs to develop an expanded set of interoperable CPAs and investigate ways to integrate these CPAs into existing visualization or data management systems to support data driven landscape conservation design.

The CPAs will encourage communication, evaluation and conservation decisions to be based from common datasets and tools as well as enhance the ability to integrate data driven analysis for planning between the LCCs. Increasing the efficiency and accessibility of the data will enable LCC stakeholders, from technical GIS experts to managers to policy makers, to better participate in and more clearly understand the information related to resource management decisions.

The following CPAs have been created for the LCC network:

CBI will continue to work with additional LCCs to develop atlases.

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