CBI is supporting Geos Institute and partners in Canada as they map, assess and protect primary and intact forest landscapes.

Primary forests make up approximately one-third of the world’s remaining forests. Globally, they are grossly under-represented in protected areas and subject to industrial-scale logging and “sustainable forest management” that otherwise fragment intact areas. They face unprecedented threats from logging, mining, energy development, and climate change. British Columbia contains two globally important temperate rainforests with substantial primary and intact forest landscapes distributed from the coast (i.e. Great Bear Rainforest – GBR) inland (i.e., Inland Rainforest). Geos Institute proposes to map and assess conservation importance of the primary forests in these regions as a scientific basis for an international campaign aimed at protecting these globally important rainforests. CBI will support Geos Institute and partners in Canada to help map the area accurately, provide scientific input, and also do a carbon flux model for these primary rainforests.

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