The Ramona Grasslands are located in the Santa Maria Valley, west of the town of Ramona in
San Diego County (Figure 1).  In 2003 the State Water Resources Control Board awarded a
Proposition 13 grant to the County of San Diego for the protection and restoration of a portion of
Santa Maria Creek and adjacent ephemeral aquatic habitats in the Ramona Grasslands Preserve
(Preserve).  The Preserve is comprised of a number of properties that have already been
conserved or are publicly owned, properties with conservation agreements pending, and
properties targeted for conservation (Figure 2).  Additional land is anticipated to be included in
the Preserve via landowner dedications as mitigation for future development projects
(e.g., portions of Cumming Ranch). (Figure 2).  The Preserve supports many of the unique
biological resource values represented in the greater Preserve, provides a suite of important
environmental services for the region, and embodies a rich cultural and historic heritage. 

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