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The south-central coast of California is home to a globally unique array of natural resources, diverse wildlife, varied landscapes and unmatched human amenities…In a first sense, the Regional Conservation Guide (RCG) you are reading is a catalogue of our natural assets and a call for greater understanding of their needs. More importantly, this Regional Conservation Guide represents a unique tool we hope will assist in community planning efforts to secure our natural heritage while seeing to the needs of our human communities…The Guide draws on a wealth of locally-produced biological data, guided by proven concepts of conservation biology to depict, for the first time, what would be needed to assure that future generations enjoy – and are sustained by – a thriving ecosystem with a healthy complement of wildlife, landscapes and natural resources…We believe the Guide contributes… an overall conservation vision to engage stewardship, guide action and empower stakeholders…We suggest that no single interest will succeed alone in securing our common future without a new sense of teamwork, and offer the RCG as a helping hand in that direction.

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