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  • U.S. Southeast Bottomland Hardwood Forest Assessment
    Working closely with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), CBI conducted an assessment of the risk to the bottomland hardwood/wetland forests of the US Southeast to the growing threat from the wood pellet industry largely to fuel power plants throughout the European Union (EU).  The final report released ...
  • Prospectus for a Resource Support Service for Conservation Groups in San Diego County
    Community-based citizens' groups have a vested interest in these open space lands, which embody the quality of life they treasure in San Diego County.  Over the past decade or more, these groups have been working somewhat independently in various areas of the county to protect cultural and biological resources ...
  • Pacific Pocket Mouse
    The critically endangered Pacific pocket mouse (Perognathus longimembris pacificus), once thought extinct was rediscovered at 4 sites along the coast of southern California during the 1990s.  CBI staff discovered one of the populations and led comprehensive efforts to identify all potential habitat areas and inform efforts to recover the ...
  • Climate Smart Models: VDDT and MC1
    The purpose of this agreement is to develop a process for making Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (VDDT) climate smart using MC1 output.  This project incorporates climate change into the state and transition model VDDT models using three landscapes.  This will serve as platforms for methods development, application, and ...
  • Quantitative Forecasting at Wind Cave National Park
    This collaborative project between NPS, USGS, OSU and CBI, will provide localized, quantitative simulations of future climate at Wind Cave National Park and the expected ecosystem responses to potential future climate scenarios using climate, hydrological, and ecosystem models customized for the park and its vicinity. These simulations will provide the ...
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