The Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition (GSLC) is a collaboration of public and non-governmental organizations committed to the conservation of giant sequoia grove ecosystems. CBI is supporting the GSLC’s Sequoia Grove Protection and Resiliency Project with tools and assistance that will enable GSLC partners and stakeholders to work collaboratively to protect the species from the impacts of drought, beetles, and wildfire made more intense by climate change.

CBI is using its Data Basin platform ( to host the Giant Sequoia Data Portal. The portal will be populated with custom maps of the sequoia groves linked to standard metrics and data for assessing grove condition, fuel treatments, and other range-wide information. To inform this giant sequoia management “dashboard” CBI is working with the GSLC to catalog an extensive collection of assessment, monitoring, and remote sensing datasets created by different agencies and projects over many decades of forest management and research. CBI will train and support the GSLC partners in their use of the Giant Sequoia Data Portal for promoting coordinated scientific research, monitoring, long-term species conservation, and continuing to share new data as it becomes available.

sequoia trees in the sunlight

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