The Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (RCHCA) – partners of CBI in the Rangewide Management & Monitoring Plan for the Stephens’ kangaroo rat – is proud to announce that 2021 commemorates their 25th year. At this monumental junction, they would like to recognize the original architects of the RCHCA, as they are true pioneers who built a solid foundation of conservation excellence, establishing this agency as a leader in the conservation field.

The RCHCA’s achievements in species recovery include making the Stephens’ Kangaroo Rat a candidate for Downlisting and several other milestones, such as the region’s first-ever public access plan on conserved lands, coordination of the SKR Rangewide Management and Monitoring Plan, implementation of adaptive management, and our support of community engagement through volunteerism and education outreach.

Their ambitious environmental efforts provide a pathway to balance wildlife conservation, protection of threatened and endangered species and the ecosystem, all while streamlining processes to support economic development within our county. Please join us in recognizing May, 2021 as Conservation Appreciation Month as we celebrate RCHCA’s 25th Anniversary.

RCHCA flyer that says:

"Conservation Appreciation Month

Join us this May, 2021 as we celebrate 25 years of habitat conservation. 

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Poster is an off-white color with teal and dark yellow text

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