Deanne DiPietro, M.A.

Senior Science Coordinator
707- 477-6516

Deanne DiPietro is a geographer with over 25 years of experience in conservation, science communications, information technology, and climate change.  She holds a B.S. in Botany and M.A. in Geography from UC Davis. As Senior Science Coordinator at Conservation Biology Institute, Ms. DiPietro promotes a scientific approach to conservation planning by managing projects and diverse teams that combine specialized scientific expertise, spatial and remote sensing analyses, custom online tools, and facilitation support. Areas of expertise include: co-production of science-based conservation solutions, stakeholder engagement and partnership-building, digital library and online tool development, and science writing and communications. She has worked with environmental organizations at the national, state, and local levels, with a focus on making science accessible to managers and decision-makers. Ms. DiPietro has been instrumental in developing state and national-level data access websites, including the California Environmental Resource Evaluation System (CERES), the state's first environmental data catalog; the California Climate Commons, an online library of climate change science and data for conservation practitioners; and the National Landscape Conservation Cooperative's data portal on Sciencebase. Ms. DiPietro is located in the North San Francisco Bay Area. 


Forest Treatment Planner Prototype
CBI has developed a beta version of a Forest Treatment Planner which is a linked set of analyses for exploring the effects of management interventions on future forest conditions.
Sonoma Wildfire Resilience Framework
Science-driven Fuels Reduction Planning at the Landscape and Property Scales
Forest Resilience & Decision-Support
CBI has been awarded a grant from the California Forest Health Research Program (CAL FIRE) to develop and apply a decision-support system for resilient forest management in the Sierra Nevada with diverse partners.

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Aerial Surveys of Non-native Weeds in the Santa Monica Mtns
*This piece was written in collaboration with Katrina Olthof, Morgan Ball (Wildlands Conservation Sciences, LLC), and Marti Witter (National Park Service). **Aerial images courtesy of Wildlands Conservation Sciences, LLC. The Woolsey Fire - started on November 8, 2018 - burned through the Santa Monica Mountains and into coastal neighborhoods of Malibu. Within a few days, the fire consumed 96,949 acres of land, destroyed 1,643 ...

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