Ken Ferschweiler

Senior Software Architect | Modeler

Ken has 30 years of experience in computer science, and in 2010 he jumped at the opportunity to join CBI's climate change research group and use that experience in addressing ecological modeling problems. Ken has worked in the US and in Europe in areas ranging from artificial intelligence to massively parallel computing, but has been happiest when using computers to help scientists solve scientific problems.


Mutli-scale Sythesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project
Climate Smart Models: VDDT and MC1
Incorporating climate change into state and transition model VDDT models
Forecasting at Wind Cave National Park
Simulating future climate and the expected ecosystem responses for Wind Cave National Park

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Change Can Have a Silver Lining
In August and September of 2003, the Bear Butte and Booth Fires, together called the B&B complex, burned over 90,000 acres of forest in the Oregon Cascades near Santiam Pass. The fires, started by lightning strikes on the east slopes of the Cascades, burned for over a month, crossing the crest and burning popular recreation areas along the Pacific Crest Trail, through the Eight Lakes Basin, and the shores of Marion Lake. In September of ...

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