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  • Sierra Nevada Forest Resilience Decision-Support System
    ...Sierra Nevada that integrates the latest science on how vegetation, terrain, climate, and weather interact to influence fire risks and forest resilience. The interdisciplinary team led by CBI includes ecological modelers, forest ecologists, fire scientists, physicists, and statisticians. The core of the DSS will be a Forest Resilience Model built using EEMS (Ecosystem Eval...
  • Forest Resilience Models for Planning Management Actions in Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP and Sequoia NF
    ...Sierra Nevada, where forests have been ravaged by drought, fire, and catastrophic tree mortality. Multiple, sometimes conflicting, management objectives must be balanced, and multiple agencies need help coordinating their forest restoration actions. To date, many management decisions have been based on expert opinion or narrowly focused models that don’t reflect the ...
  • Protecting a Community from Wildfire with Progressive Land Use Planning
    ...Sierra Nevada town of Paradise rebuilds after the devastating Camp Fire of 2018, the community has an opportunity to incorporate strategies to increase its resilience to fire and climate change, enhance the safety and well-being of its residents, and at the same time care for the surrounding natural areas that make it a beautiful place to live. CBI had the chance to help ...
  • Southern Sierra Nevada Fisher Conservation Assessment and Strategy
    ...Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Begun in 2007, this effort has progressed through several phases of research, assessment, habitat modeling, strategy recommendations, and updates to the habitat models and recommendations in response to changing conditions in the Sierra Nevada. Since 2007 CBI has collaborated with The Fisher Interagency Leadership Team (Sierra Nevada...
  • A Three Zone Climate Adaptation Strategy: Allocating conservation philosophies
    ...Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Reference Region, the Southern Sierra Nevada, or Sierra National Forest). • The SDSS is to provide spatially explicit scenarios, each based on a set of parameter values and assumptions. • For each scenario, each reporting unit in the study region is assigned to one of the three zones.  This is to provide decision support...
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