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  • Are wildfires "hot moments" for transformative adaptation?
    Destructive wildfires are sudden, extreme events: In a matter of hours, both social and ecological communities are transformed by the loss of homes and lives, and change in natural vegetation. After such an event, residents take stock of their transformed landscape and environment, deciding to remain, rebuild, or move, while ...
  • Land use change, climate and wildfire in California
    Wildfire is an important ecological process in California, where a diversity of fire regimes shape the structure and composition of plant and animal communities. Fire regimes are changing beyond their historical range of variability, however, due to several factors, including past fire management, invasive species, land use change, and climate ...
  • Multi-hazards Demonstration: Fire Scenario
    The primary response to reducing catastrophic fire losses has been fire control with the goal of preventing large fire events. However, growing evidence suggests we will likely never be able to eliminate fires on highly fire-prone landscapes.  Thus, in conjunction with analysis of traditional fire management approaches (including fuel breaks ...
  • Understanding and Improving Wildfire Management for Camp Pendleton
    Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is committed to developing strategies to meet their stewardship responsibilities in support of their training requirements and to protect the base’s natural resources.  CBI to helping them better understand the processes affecting the magnitude and extent of fires on the base, and the relationship ...
  • Balancing fire risk with biodiversity conservation
    Wildfires are a natural part of California ecosystems and play an important role in maintaining ecological structure and function. However, different fire regimes in the state have been altered due to past management practices, climate change, invasive species, and population growth and urban expansion. Given the potential for conflicts between ...
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