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January 2015
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Southern Sierra Nevada fisher Conservation Assessment


This Conservation Assessment document summarizes the current state of knowledge about fishers and fisher habitat in the southern Sierra Nevada, building on the copious information already summarized for the West Coast Assessment (Lofroth et al. 2010, 2011; Naney et al. 2012), but with specific focus on the southern Sierra Nevada. In addition to synthesizing published literature and agency reports, the Assessment summarizes abundant new scientific information from recent fisher studies and habitat modeling efforts in California. As of this writing (January 2015), much of this new content has not yet been published in the peer-reviewed literature; consequently, this Assessment was subjected to independent scientific peer review by 5 experts on fishers and forest ecology, and revised accordingly.


Spencer, W.D., S.C. Sawyer, H.L. Romsos, W.J. Zielinski, R.A. Sweitzer, C.M. Thompson, K.L. Purcell, D.L. Clifford, L. Cline, H.D. Safford, S.A. Britting, and J.M. Tucker. 2015. Southern Sierra Nevada fisher conservation assessment. Unpublished report produced by Conservation Biology Institute.

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