This report assess (1) the current status of fisher habitat and fishers (Martes pennanti) in the southern Sierra Nevada, California, and (2) how fisher habitat and the fisher population may respond in the future to potential forest management practices and wildfires.  The ultimate goals are to hlep the three southern Sierra Forests (Sierra, Sequoia, and Stanislaus) improve landscape-level fuels management plans intended to reduce the risk of unplanned and unwanted wildland fire to human and natural communities, to restore and maintain fire-adapted ecosystems, and to conserve habitat for at-risk species.

The fisher is one at risk species whose habitat and population in the Sierra Nevada may be threatened by unnaturally large and severe wildfires; however, they may also be harmed by management efforts intended to reduce wildfire threats.  This report assesses these competing threat and applies the results to recommending approaches for maximizing Fireshed Assessment goals, including to conserve and enhance habitat value for fishers to ensure their continued persistence, and perhaps expansion, in the Sierra Nevada.

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