The Central Oregon Forest Stewardship Foundation (COFSF) mission is to increase quality and quantity of forest restoration and stewardship in Central Oregon. As part of this effort, we have created a geospatial gateway with a rich amount of information on forests, wildlife, wildfire, and climate in the area.  The gateway is a customized portal that allows users exclusive access to  CBI’s Data Basin and is being used for planning, implementing, and monitoring science-driven forest restoration and stewardship activities by a diverse group of partners.

COFSF embraces Shared Stewardship for Central Oregon which “challenges groups to engage in proactive planning and, in so doing, to identify a broader range of potential partners and to consider a wider array of conservation concerns. Partners work together to make decisions about priority projects and design, implement, and monitor work among multiple partners, across multiple jurisdictions, and address a wider array of conservation issues.”

Data Basin is a key enabler of this shared stewardship by providing an open and freely accessible platform to enable many siloed restoration projects to address the larger ecosystem needs and priorities.  It empowers diverse stakeholders to collaborate and communicate with each other enabling multiple and durable benefits across the landscape.

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