Justin Brice, B.S.

Geospatial Analyst and Data Basin User Support

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Justin Brice is a Geospatial Analyst with professional experience applying spatial analysis to help conserve natural landscapes and working lands. He has lived agriculture experience growing up in California’s Central Valley on the family walnut farm and holds a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation and minor in Geospatial Sciences from Humboldt State University. With his background in agriculture, wildlife field sampling/surveying work, species distribution, and connectivity modeling, Justin is focused on conserving habitat cores and agricultural lands that act as corridors to allow for wildlife movements. To that end, his recent focus is at the intersection of renewable energy development, protection of valuable farmland, and wildlife conservation as the world races to address our global climate crisis. Collaborative decision support systems will be needed now more than ever so that our decision-makers can have access to a transparent process that allows for scenario planning to make informed decisions using the best available science. Justin is the project manager on several projects involved with the co-production of spatial decision support systems (SDSS) with clients to inform and support decision makers.

Areas of general expertise (other than Geographic Information Systems) include: