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  • Water Planning Information Exchange: A web-based application to exchange water resource information for the state of California
    The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is developing the Water Plan Information Exchange (Water PIE) to promote integrated regional water management through data sharing. CBI is conducting a pilot project to create a web portal, powered by Data Basin, in order to test key requirements for Water PIE. The ...
  • Brachypodium Phase II Project
    The Brachypodium Phase II project continues treatment of the invasive grass, Brachypodium distachyon, in two locations in San Diego County where it threatens the persistence of covered species and sensitive habitats and increases wildfire risk to these resources. Objectives are to refine Brachypodium Best Management Practices (BMPs) for application at ...
  • California Statewide Energy Planning
    CBI is providing science and technical support to assist the California Energy Commission (CEC) in planning the state’s future energy needs, which includes achieving aggressive renewable energy goals with minimal damage to natural systems. Building off of previous work completed for the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP), CBI is ...
  • Creating Useful and Useable Climate Tools for Sagebrush Land Management Through Scientist and Manager Collaboration
    CBI Senior Climate Change Scientist Dr. Dominique Bachelet and Oregon State University undergraduate student Melanie Brown surveyed land managers from eastern Oregon and western Idaho working in sagebrush country. Their goal was to gather information “to create a blueprint for a practical, nimble, accessible computer tool” to help sagebrush managers ...
  • Support for Strategic Growth Council Initiative
    The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) contracted with CBI to provide support their work in two main areas, which resulted in two special visualization tools and a new Data Basin Gateway.  The first customized viewer was designed to display SGC-funded grants over the last few years.  Users can ...
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