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The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) provides scientific expertise to support the conservation and recovery of biological diversity in its natural state through applied research, education, planning, and community service.

Our expertise includes GIS and decision-support tools, global forest conservation, landscape modeling, water, energy, and infrastructure development.

Conservation Assessment & Planning

CBI develops effective conservation assessments and plans for species, habitat and ecosystems.  Our ecological training, knowledge of environmental regulations, and expertise with computer mapping, GIS analysis and remote sensing enable us to ...

Conservation Dataset Development & Analysis

CBI leads in the creation of several important conservation datasets provided in the list below.  Our scientists also generate high-quality data aggregations for a wide range of subjects for different study areas useful beyond the scope of the ...

Ecological Modeling

CBI develops and provides special services focused on ecological forecasting and customized decision support tools for a variety of topics listed below.   In all of these cases, researchers and programmers at CBI design spatially ...

Science Support & Education

CBI provides conservation science education (formally and informally) through a variety of means (listed below).  Our highly trained and experienced science and technical staff has proven to be effective in translating the latest science ...

Data Basin

As environmental conservation problems become more serious and the demand to solve them grows more urgent, building better connections between science, policy, and people is critical. CBI built Data Basin in response to the need to access, ...
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