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  • San Diego Bay Nonnative Sea Lavender Mapping and Control Project
    Algerian sea lavender (Limonium ramosissimum) and European sea lavender (Limonium duriusculum) are invasive, nonnative perennial plants known to invade salt marsh and upland transitional habitats in coastal California in addition to disturbed inland habitats.  While striking in appearance, these two species cause angst among coastal land managers and biologists ...
  • Helping WCS Canada Protect Wildlife in the Yukon through Collaborative Spatial Data and Model Sharing
    CBI will be constructing a new Data Basin Gateway for the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada focusing on the Yukon Territory to assist WCS Canada researchers and their conservation partners in the region to develop effective protection of wildlife populations being impacted by a host of environmental stressors, with special emphasis ...
  • A prototype Forest Treatment Planner integrating the Forest Vegetation Simulator with spatially explicit models
    The Forest Treatment Planner was developed to provide forest managers a platform for exploring the potential consequences of different forest management alternatives in both the short and long-term, examine the resource-based trade-offs inherent in any proposed vegetation management action, and clearly substantiate the rationale behind management planning. Originally envisioned as ...
  • The Sonoma County Wildfire Resilience Decision Support Framework
    The Sonoma County Wildfire Resilience Decision Support Framework Efforts are underway in Sonoma County to provide critical information at multiple scales to facilitate strategic, ecologically-sensitive fuel management across the region. The Sonoma County Wildfire Resilience Decision Support Framework is part of a county-wide coordinated initiative to prioritize actions and investments by ...
  • Sierra Nevada Forest Resilience Decision-Support System
    CBI will develop and apply a forest management decision-support system (DSS) for forest resilience planning in the southern Sierra Nevada that integrates the latest science on how vegetation, terrain, climate, and weather interact to influence fire risks and forest resilience. The interdisciplinary team led by CBI includes ecological modelers, forest ...
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