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  • Alaska Yellow Cedar gene conservation in Klamath Region (CA and OR)
    CBI is collaborating with the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and the Klamath National Forest in their effort to conserve the Alaska yellow Cedar in its southern range, located in Southern Oregon and Northern California, where it faces extreme extinction risk due to climate change. Concerted conservation efforts are needed to ...
  • Primary and Intact Rainforest Assessment and Protection Campaign, British Columbia, Canada
    Primary forests make up approximately one-third of the world’s remaining forests. Globally, they are grossly under-represented in protected areas and subject to industrial-scale logging and “sustainable forest management” that otherwise fragment intact areas. They face unprecedented threats from logging, mining, energy development, and climate change. British Columbia contains two globally ...
  • Fort Bragg Headlands Consortium Mapping Project
    In this project, CBI is supporting the Noyo Center for Marine Science, the Noyo Headlands Unified Design Group (NHUDG) and other members of the Fort Bragg Headlands Consortium. CBI’s team, led by Dr. John Gallo, will develop the Ft. Bragg Headlands web-mapping Gallery. Powered by Data Basin, this web-mapping Gallery ...
  • Landscape connectivity for Oregon and Washington- West of the Cascades
    Landscape connectivity is critical for species dispersal and population resilience. This project is part of the collaborative Landscape Conservation Design (LCD) for the Pacific Northwest coastal ecoregion and conducted in partnership with the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative. The goal is to identify connectivity pathways and prioritize corridors for 2-4 ...
  • Are wildfires "hot moments" for transformative adaptation?
    Destructive wildfires are sudden, extreme events: In a matter of hours, both social and ecological communities are transformed by the loss of homes and lives, and change in natural vegetation. After such an event, residents take stock of their transformed landscape and environment, deciding to remain, rebuild, or move, while ...
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