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  • An Assessment of Potential Impacts of Feral Pigs (Sus scrofa) in Southern California
    This report assesses potential impacts of feral pig populations in southern California (San Diego, Riverside, Imperial, and Orange counties) and Baja California, with an emphasis on San Diego County. We compiled information on the status of pigs in these areas from the literature and interviews with numerous individuals knowledgeable about ...
  • A Science-Based Conservation Assessment for the Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion
    The Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion of southwest Oregon and northwest California has long been recognized for its global biological significance and is considered an Area of Global Botanical Significance by the World Conservation Union, a global Centre of Plant Diversity, and has been proposed as a possible World Heritage Site. More recently ...
  • Decision-support Maps and Models for West Coast Fisher
    This project will produce decision-support maps and tools to support an Interagency Fisher Biology Team in developing and implementing a Conservation Strategy for the west coast fisher Distinct Population Segment (DPS)--a Candidate for listing under that Endangered Species Act that stretches from southern British Columbia through Oregon, Washington, and ...
  • Wolf Reintroduction Feasibility in the Adirondack Park
    Wolves were extirpated from the Adirondacks over a century ago due largely to human eradication efforts.  The Conservation Biology Institute (Corvallis, OR) was chosen by the Adirondack Citizens Advisory Committee to examine the question of biological feasibility of reintroducing gray wolves back to the Adirondacks. By applying what is ...
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