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Ecological Modeling

CBI develops and provides special services focused on ecological forecasting and customized decision support tools for a variety of topics listed below.   In all of these cases, researchers and programmers at CBI design spatially explicit modeling approaches to address complex interactions and relationships to help solve conservation problems.

  •  Wildfire
  •  Climate Change Impacts
  •  Species Population Modeling
  •  Wildlife Connectivity
  •  Green Energy Development
  •  Environmental Risk Avoidance

Work performed under this heading is generally funded by two different sectors.  Most of the fire, climate change, and wildlife work is funded through partnerships with government agencies (e.g. US Forest Service, US Geological Survey, state wildlife and transportation agencies) or through successful grants from institutions such as the National Science Foundation and NASA.  Energy and environmental risk avoidance is primarily funded by foundations and the private sector, including investment banks and corporations who seek to improve their environmental performance with their day-to-day decision making.


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Example Projects

Protecting San Diego Thornmint
CBI worked with San Diego Management and Monitoring Program (SDMMP) and San Diego land managers to conduct a comprehensive review of existing information for San Diego thornmint, Acanthomintha ilicifolia.
A Three Zone Climate Adaptation Strategy
Scientists at The Wilderness Society are developing a collaborative conservation strategy which designates a portfolio of three management strategies- restoration, innovation and observation- zoned in large, contiguous areas across the landscape.
An Adaptive Approach to Invasive Species
CBI completes a 2-year project to review existing data, conduct habitat assessments, and develop conceptual models to document our understanding of Brachypodium
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