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Conservation Dataset Development & Analysis

CBI leads in the creation of several important conservation datasets provided in the list below.  Our scientists also generate high-quality data aggregations for a wide range of subjects for different study areas useful beyond the scope of the specific project for which they were created and many of these are shared using Data Basin.

  • US Protected Areas Database (PAD-US CBI edition)
  • US National Conservation Easement Database (NCED)
  • National Forest Fragmentation Dataset and Assessment
  • Intact Forest Assessment for the US
  • Atlas of Forest Intactness for Alaska

Working mainly with funding from US federal agencies with additional support from foundations, CBI continues to provide leadership in a number of key areas in support of conservation.  Since 1998, CBI has been aggregating and publishing a national protected areas database and associated publications.  More recently, CBI has worked as part of a consortium of conservation non-profits to build and maintain the first national conservation easement database.

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Example Projects

Protecting San Diego Thornmint
CBI worked with San Diego Management and Monitoring Program (SDMMP) and San Diego land managers to conduct a comprehensive review of existing information for San Diego thornmint, Acanthomintha ilicifolia.
A Three Zone Climate Adaptation Strategy
Scientists at The Wilderness Society are developing a collaborative conservation strategy which designates a portfolio of three management strategies- restoration, innovation and observation- zoned in large, contiguous areas across the landscape.
An Adaptive Approach to Invasive Species
CBI completes a 2-year project to review existing data, conduct habitat assessments, and develop conceptual models to document our understanding of Brachypodium
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