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Conservation Planning and Management

Effective conservation requires expert planning, management and monitoring. We advance practical, effective, science-based planning strategies to protect and enhance native species, habitats, and ecosystems at global, regional, and local scales.

Cost-effective, science-based strategies.
  • Conservation planning and prioritization
  • Land use strategies and plans for species or groups of species
  • Habitat and species management and monitoring plans - distinct for the given region and preserve
  • Decision support tools for management and monitoring
  • Monitoring protocols
  • Best Management Practices for adaptive management
  • Experimental design and statistics
  • Land manager and volunteer training

Photo by: Jessie Vinje

The long-term viability of natural habitats and species relies on effective and practical conservation planning, management, and monitoring.  Planning allows decision makers - land managers, scientists, landowners, planners, and communities - to assess current status and define goals and objectives to benefit key resources.  Management implements specific actions to protect or enhance resources, such as removing invasive species, planting native species, and controlling pollutants or erosion.  Monitoring tests the effectiveness of management actions and allows us to refine management practices based on results (adaptive management).

Photo by: Patricia Gordon-Reedy

At CBI, we collaborate with policy makers, governmental agencies, corporations, volunteers, foundations, and other non-profit groups to advance practical and effective conservation solutions.  Our ecological training, land management experience, knowledge of environmental regulations, and expertise with computer mapping, GIS analysis and remote sensing enable us to develop effective conservation plans and management and monitoring programs.  We deliver project reports, publications, map products, and decision-support tools over a wide range of topics, design and test management practices and monitoring protocols, and train land managers and volunteers.

 “CBI's rare plant effort has been invaluable in framing Endangered Habitats Conservancy’s long-term management strategy & in helping us to achieve our annual monitoring objectives. This program is a perfect fit with Endangered Habitats Conservancy’s goal to increase rare plant populations on our properties wherever possible.”
Michael Beck, San Diego Director of Endangered Habitats Conservancy and Endangered Habitats League

Photo by: Patricia Gordon-Reedy Photo by: Patricia Gordon-Reedy

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