June 5, 2017

Authentic Learning Through Projects

Communicating the importance of water conservation and management with infographics

This is the third year CBI has had the privilege of working with teachers and students at Redwood Middle School (Napa, CA) to support project-based learning.  Organizations such as NapaLearns and New Tech Network have blazed the trail for helping students learn through contextual and authentic experiences.  Students work together on meaningful projects that require creativity and communication and require them to demonstrate problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.

As a community representative of the Napa County Watershed Information and Conservation Council, I am collaborating with Katherine Van Treese and her sixth grade students on a project focused on the condition, value, and issues surrounding the use of water for people and the environment.  This year, I kicked off the project by writing the students an introductory letter and visiting the classroom to answer their questions about the project, water-related issues, and to share my experiences as a Napa Valley native working as a Conservation Scientist.  

To find more information about project based learning and explore projects and photos from previous years see my previous blog posts:

    2016:   The Sprinkler System Is On!:  Project-based Learning at Napa’s Redwood Middle School

    2015:  Tis the season to learn about water:  Student projects lead the way

In this years' project, students worked together in small groups to create infographics that visually communicate their project findings.  You can explore those below (scroll through with side arrows, mid-way down each infographic).   ENJOY!

About the author:
Tosha Comendant, Ph.D.
Senior Conservation Scientist, Team Lead- Planning & Management
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