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  • February 23, 2010
    #1 climate change signal: earth getting warmer
    by Dominique Bachelet, Ph.D. (0 Comments)
    In a warmer world, agriculture, industry, and other human water uses will compete for the same water that plants and animals need to survive. Optimizing water use is key to the future. Take rice, a staple of the human diet. As farmland is lost to urbanization and industrialization and the demand for food increases as human population continues to increase ...
  • August 21, 2014
    2, 4, 6, 8, Who Do We Appreciate? Teachers!
    by Ann Van Zee, M.S. (0 Comments)
    Maggie Reinbold, Associate Director of Conservation Education at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, opened up a recent Teacher Training workshop by firmly declaring that her staff believe teachers are the hardest working people in America. This set the tone for three days of hands on learning experiences and sample classroom exercises focused on the value of biodiversity ...
  • November 29, 2012
    3-D Trees
    by Nikolas Stevenson-Molnar (0 Comments)
    One thing I love about data visualization is that the same data can be drawn in many ways in order to show different characteristics about the real-world objects they represent. In college, and after graduation, I worked in a research lab (called the Scientific Database, or SciDB Lab) which developed software to visualize environmental data. One of the datasets frequently ...
  • May 8, 2013
    A Better Way to Answer Ecological Questions
    by Tim Sheehan, Ph.D. (0 Comments)
    The people who oversee federal and private wildlands contend with fire risks, development, mining, timber production, rare and endangered species, recreational demands, water quality and availability, ecological risks, climate change, and variable budgets. On top of that, the data they need to analyze to make their decisions come in many forms from multiple sources. For a land manager this can ...
  • January 28, 2021
    Accessibility in Tool Development at CBI
    by Gwynne Corrigan, M.S. (0 Comments)
    Most of us can’t imagine life without easy access to the internet, but what if you couldn’t use a computer mouse, didn’t see color, or relied on screen reading software to interact with websites? What if you had to rely on others to engage on the internet? One in four adults in the U.S. has a disability, although not ...
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